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MyBooker is an online booking system for all Thistle and Guoman hotels offering you easy, secure access to your preferential rates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever you are in the world. MyBooker allows you to make bookings on behalf of your manager, colleagues or yourself and view all travellers’ previous and future reservations.

MyBooker can store guest information so you do not need to re-enter their details each time as well as sending confirmation emails directly to additional recipients. Additionally, MyBooker can be linked to credit facilities with both Guoman and Thistle hotels you do not need a credit card. (Applies to the Business Users element only)

MyBooker has three simple elements, each designed for a specific user group:

Business Users
For reserving and amending corporate accommodation by bookers or travellers.
Designed for All organisations with one or more person responsible for booking travel for colleagues or themselves.

Download the User Guide here

Independent Travellers
A button that can be embedded on your intranet, allowing travellers to click through to your own bespoke MyBooker
webpage, with no log-in details required. Please note: you will need a credit card for bookings made via this route.
Designed for Large organisations encouraging staff to book their own accommodation online.

Download the User Guide here

Events & Weddings
For reserving, booking and cancelling bedrooms from a pre-agreed allocation for one-off events. A shared quick link or button leads guests/delegates directly to a booking page specifically for the event. Please note: you will need a credit card for bookings made via this route.
Designed for Guests and delegates booking their own accommodation.

Download the User Guide here

For more information please speak to your Account manager. Alternatively you can contact MyBooker support on 0845 835 0328 or email mybooker@thistle.co.uk


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